Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Tour de France

We're off to France on Friday for a couple of weeks of debauchery. My husband said lightly "en passant" the other day that he supposed I'd be researching fabric shops over there before we left.

Of course that set me thinking....do you think he'd mind a 300 mile detour via Lyons so that I could visit this cornucopia on the left? www.borntoquilt.fr hmmmmmmm...somehow I expect I know the answer to that question!


  1. OR, leave him with the children and go by yourself, you could even take in a few vineyards on the way... That's what I would call a holiday. Happy Travels! MH

  2. Nice to hear from you MH!! Actually I think he'd rather take the detour!

  3. Hope you have as good a time in France as we just had in Malaysia!


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