Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Have been to Dudley Art Gallery and Museum to an exhibition by the Contemporary Quilters branch of the Quilters Guild. The theme was "The Thin Blue Line" - whatever interpretation of that phrase the artists cared to make. It was fascinating and inspiring as well as totally daunting. I realise how far there is to go with this and the journey could be seen as insurmountable quite easily, but I have to turn that thought around because really it's great to have so many adventures in paint, print, dyeing, stitching and manipulating images and textiles ahead of me!

There was a beautifully executed and laid out seascape by Catherine Brierley from my group in stunning deep blues and silky greys, a small quilt by Ineke Berlyne, whom I greatly admire, but really every single exhibit was quite breathtaking.

I only had an hour on my parking meter so I'll need to go back again - meanwhile I bought this nice little collection of postcards to remember some of the pieces by.

In the meantime in snatched moments I am working on an African riverscape but it has a long way to go yet.

Tomorrow I am off to a patchwork course to learn how to piece properly (so far I've got it from a book or the internet but mostly by guesswork). I will have to have a paradigm shift into accuracy mode rather than gay abandon mode!!


  1. I don't know if you have read "Alias Grace" by Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. Historical novel, but fascinating treatment of 'madness', crime and punishment. But my reason for raising it here is that there is a quilting thread (no pun) running through it.

  2. Hey! Just stumbled upon your blog. Great. Not sure if you're interested but just in case check out - a textile company that a friend of mine in Zambia started.


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