Friday, 20 June 2008

Country Living Moment

One of those ahhhh moments this evening! Children home, picnic blanket on grass next to Henry (ever increasingly girthed German Lop rabbit) and a pile of freshly picked allotment broad beans. The kids love to pod them whilst singing last year's harvest festival ditty with the line "broad beans sleeping in their blankety bed".

Mrs Mallard, who has laid eggs by the pond in our urban garden, has come out for the first time since laying for a little dip and to see if she can eat bean pods! We give her some bread and grain and she comes up close, always with a protective eye on her lair. Even Daisy the cat looks on contentedly from her dusty warm den under the lavender hedge!

I only wish these Country Living Moments could happen more often!
Actually, just to show how the Cupboard Of Loveliness could easily start to bulge I bought this colander today so that it would tone with the broad beans artistically in a Bodenesque sort of a way. That is too, too frivolous (but lovely).


  1. Wish I had been there to share your Country Living moment, JGYG! Sounds idyllic. My allotment broad beans were delicious but I'm afraid my colander fails the Boden test.

  2. I believe you have the Heritage Collection of Colanders so obviously a duck egg blue one would make it a collection of National Importance.

  3. I wish I could sing the song about the beans. Could you record it and put it on youtube?

  4. My daughter stood and shelled a big bag full of broad beans yesterday, voluntarily. And without once even humming that tune! But now I've read you're post I can't stop hearing it. (And Sally's sung it many times at school.)


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