Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Creating a Book

All fired up with a commission to make a fabric and paper book. Taking inspiration from the garden, which has been a sheer joy this year due to mild and sunny weather and intercurrent rain (but not too much!!).

Pages will have pockets and envelopes for storing memorabilia

Nigella seed heads are inspirational:

This tiny caterpillar bridging a gap:

Autumn colours and decay:
Seed preparation:

Teeny weeny insects at work:
Autumn blooms:

A cat's soft paw helps with lavender collection:



  1. Love your book, the pages are fabulous. The seed head photos are inspiring too.

  2. Love what you have done so far. Someone is going to be delighted. Great photos and I particularly like the caterpillar and the cat's paw.

  3. Love your collection of photos Clare, such a lot of inspiration as this time of year. The free machine embroidered birds are gorgeous.

  4. Super book cover and lovely photos!

  5. Fantastic! This is coming along wonderfully....those seed heads are super cool! Love your threaded birdies. :-)

  6. Beautiful photographs Clare, the book is going to be lovely.

  7. What brilliant photographs Clare, the caterpillar made me laugh. I am sure the book will be beautiful.

  8. madwomanfromcornwallWed Sep 11, 06:12:00 pm BST

    oh its so lovely I can almost feel it - very tactile - you clever clever girl x


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