Thursday, 6 June 2013

Quilts in the Sun

Such beautiful weather. It makes my heart sing when I can wash and hang out the quilts I've made.

Of course there's always lovely Smartie to take advantage of any quilt in the sun. What a fine combination.

He has freckles on his nose anyway but he seemed to be working on a tan today!
And so we shared a quiet moment. He holds my hand when he can.

The garden is a joy. Worth the agonising back and knee pain to get it to look this way!

A place to sew in the garden.
Later I visited David Austen Roses....I'm so fortunate to live nearby. The roses are late this year but I loved this sculpture by Pat Austen.

A good hair day all round!


  1. Oh how I would love to come sew in your garden.
    Looks like such a lovely spot.....your hard work shows!

  2. What a picture of contentment, your garden is beautiful, glad I don't live near David Austin Roases far too much temptation. Enjoy.

  3. Your garden is inspirational. How lovely to have such a beautiful companion to share it, and your quilts, with.

  4. Can you come weed my garden? :) Yours is gorgeous.

  5. Lovely pictures of Smartie! Thanks for sharing :o)

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