Wednesday, 19 June 2013

My Own Little World

So following such a wonderful trip to Cornwall it has been time to stitch a relevant journal page. I took a sketch I made of a sculpture in Barbara Hepworth's garden and used it as inspiration, along with other shapes of those forms for a small piece in hand dyed cotton and sheers.

The colour is so evocative of St Ives light and that bejewelled azure sea.
I have also been working on a journal piece neglected earlier in the year due to time constraints. This also has sheers but depicts a wintry light that I love across fields.

When it's complete I'll post it here.
The garden continues to be a joy and inspiration - a hot day and a hot hot poppy hot the camera can't really handle it! When a bee flies in the shimmering pollen is clearly visible on the stamens vibrating before the bee has landed even, just reacting to the motion of the air.
But then a semi shaded corner hosts a white lupin cool and stately

These aliums need sketching!
As does this wonderful garlic bulb. Isn't it amazing what colours are to be found in something so simple?
and finally some work on wizards - they continue to sell like hot cakes!!

All of it a joy, all of it makes the heart sing. Staying, for the most part, in my own little world.


  1. I love your new work with sheers and the Barbara Hepworth shapes, and the journal piece. You have captured beautiful light in both pieces. Gardens are a constant source of inspiration aren't they, and no travelling involved :-)

  2. I love the journal pieces and the use of sheers captures the essence of the light so well. Your flowers are looking so beautiful, no wonder you're happy to stay put for the time being.

  3. I love blues and pretty.

  4. Your journal pieces are wonderful, Clare.
    That poppy!
    happy summer, sus

  5. the garlic photo is amazing... and I like how the light is hitting your fabrics - the sheens and sheers taking on different amounts of it.


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