Thursday, 30 May 2013

Cornish Cream

Up and out this morning early. Brush on paper by 7am. Everyone still in bed in holiday mode. It's the best thing for me, always up with the lark.
This is Germoe churchyard in Cornwall - not far from Penzance.
The early morning light was in need of capturing.
Here is a little scene from the garden. I love the brick paved stonework and the little picket fences.
Some beautiful Cornish cottages on the Helford River. Not enough time to paint everything unfortunately!
In Godolphin House there was an old collection of carts to be restored. I wish they would leave them like this really.
My daughter below celebrating the beach at the wonderful Kynance Cove.
We are staying in this lovely thatched cottage and I'm wondering if I can claim "squatters rights"?


  1. What bliss. I love Cornwall, you're photos and paintings are beautiful, they really capture the essence of the place. I wouldn't want to go home if I stayed in a cottage like that.

  2. Ro you are right. One day I shall live here though x

  3. You are in heaven! Peace, mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. Just beautiful sketches, Clare, especially love the first. I am also an early riser - best wishes, sus

  5. Lovely sketchbook pages. Glad you are enjoying your holiday.

  6. Hi Claire! I just love your painting of Germoe church. I know it well, we spent many holidays a few minutes from there , when our children were small. Magic! X

  7. I love your colours, Cornwall looks heavenly, a long time since I've been there.


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