Thursday, 7 March 2013

Yes! I decided to stitch it!!

In the end we have to leap in. There are only so many nights we can lie awake mulling over the alternative pieces we might make.
The deep breath was taken this morning.
The photo manipulated version of the original collage of charcoal crow drawing and paper and fabric elements was printed on to fabric.
Re-collaged and covered in a white chiffon.
After initial prevarication, stitched...

Some threads left to hang to emphasise the sketch nature of the piece. Some tidied.
Perhaps the crow will take some for his nest?
Some finishing required - check back soon if you are interested....

Today's motto - "just get on with it woman".


  1. I love this quote and it works for me in so many ways! Are you going to embellish with beads? Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  2. Mary - hello! I wasn't....but now you've made me think because sometimes I do! Watch this space x

  3. Good choice, this really works.Love it.

  4. Now THAT is a quote I can use! I love what you have done here, Clare! -sus

  5. I so agree with 'just get on with it' as there are so many possibilities to every piece of work we start. Lovely results, I love your crow.

  6. I'm glad you decided to take the plunge. Sometimes it's a good idea to just go with your instinct. Love the thought of the crow using the threads for nesting.

  7. Clare, your crow and his environs are lovely. So light...

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  9. My word for today will be prevarication - thank you Clare, I haven't used or heard the word for decades!! Loving the threads for the bird's nest Clare :)


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