Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spring Time Bunnies

This has been so enjoyable - designing and making all sorts of bunnies - wonderful for gifts. Usable as a door stop because they are beautifully weighted. I swear when the face is applied I feel like they are being "born"!
They stand at about 28cm (12 inches tall) excluding ears!!!
My friend and I have put many hours into making them but we have had soooo much fun. Lots of crying with laughter!
They are available for £20 plus postage. Do let me know if you'd like one - you can save yourself and your family from the evil perils of chocolate by homing a bunny instead!¬!


  1. Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ... these bunnies are fun Clare ! Ears up or ears down !

  2. Hope they hop off!! They are cute.

  3. These are so lovely, just right for Easter or all year round.

  4. Beautiful Clare - loving the ears down :)


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