Monday, 10 December 2012

Tomten for Christmas - for you?

 Ahhh a little light-hearted Christmassiness! I love making these Scandinavian Tomten.
 My children's eyes roll now whenever another one appears.
I swear they just multiply of their own accord. Naughty little things.

They are for sale £15 each plus postage.


  1. What a lovely bunch Claire, hope they soon find a new home !

  2. Hi , Clare .
    Today I have taken a long look at your blog . It's lovely .
    I paint in a simple but pleasing way just to suit myself and then stitch here and there . The family usually snaffle them .
    Love all I ave seen on your site

  3. Forgot to say , as a break from patchwork I bought a felt making kit at Malvern .Looking forward to getting into that as an embellishment


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