Sunday, 16 December 2012

Etsy Shop stocked with some linen postcards!!

Just a quickie chaps and chappesses but there are three postcards in my Etsy shop (so rarely does anything go in there!).
Price is in dollars but don't let that put you off it gets translated into your currency at no extra fee if your are not in the USA!!

They are made of linen and are approx 6x4" 
Each is a little mini quilt in soft linen with a wool wadding and cotton appliqued trees and Colonial knot baubles atop!
You can write your message on the back in marker pen or frame it or pop it on the mantelpiece. Click my name on the Etsy button on the right.

The garden still gives forth beauty even on the coldest of days this week. This David Austen rose - a rambler decked in frost caught my eye...
 ... as did the spider's macrame
 and the papery hydrangea heads

Peace and Love to all who visit here! 


  1. There is something truly magical about flowers in the frost isn't there. Lovely pics.

  2. hank you for sharing these linen jewels...the frost has a magic paintbrush...I am wishing you Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  3. I don't are for spiders but I absolutely love to see spide webs
    Ibelong to a postcard swap

  4. Peace for you as well... Still have one rose blooming here.

  5. Lovely postcards and the frosted photos are beautiful.


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