Monday, 24 September 2012


Two things have made me think this week about BALANCE.
I have had an operation on my knee which requires it to be set in straight position for three weeks, then incrementally a few degrees more bend for a week at a time for quite a number of weeks.
 I have somewhat been dreading this, feeling almost as if my life as I know it was about to end. This is silly and childish but is because I live such a hectic lifestyle normally and I was worried that being laid up would be too incredibly frustrating.
As it's turned out, whilst I can easily slide into impatient mode, I have seen that there is little point in it and it gets me nowhere - in fact that state only slows me down even more!
It has been a wonderful lesson in mindfulness, something I try to make a big part of my life anyway. Now I have to think about each step quite carefully so I don't slither and put my crutches through a passing child or come headlong down the stairs.
I carefully judge the angle my foot touches the floor so as not to irritate the knee. I have had time to sit on the sofa, so rarely used as I'm so busy normally, and listen to my children. Really listen, so that they linger and say more than usual - not bad for those in and around their teens!
I have had to make a cup of tea, thinking the whole process through and savouring it all the more for it.
I have had to accept the gift of help from others.

It has quite literally been a one step at a time journey.

The Equinox has reminded me of BALANCE, A time when day and night are more or less in balance around the globe and the Earth is on a vertical axis to the Sun. A balance point between summer and autumn as the Northern Hemisphere prepares to enfold itself in the quietude of winter so that it can be born again next year, and the Southern Hemisphere awakens into summer growth and abundance.

I shall focus this week on ongoingBALANCE... between work and play, responsibility and fun,  soft and firm, listening and speaking, frantic doing and space to settle, pushing boulders up hills and letting the boulder find it's own place.

A little stitching will come - strange how, when I thought I had all the time in the world to do it, I have barely touched a needle. This little quilt of paper and fabric, hand and machine stitch and dye is emerging though.

... and this weekend a dragonfly sat, frozen first thing in the morning, waiting for those Equinox sun rays to enable him to warm up and move off.


  1. Strange how it is the most unexpected events that cause us to reflect upon our life. I'm glad that you are taking the positives from your operation and hope that the recovery goes well. That is a beautiful photo of the dragonfly.

  2. Sometimes we need little inconveniences to make us take a step back and slow down, having said that I hope you make a speedy recovery. I love your piece of stitching and the gem of a cottage.
    I agree with your comment on my blog, the people on Grand Designs are very brave indeed. We have a Grand Design show here, not quite the same without Kevin though. One of the chaps on the show built a beautiful home of reclaimed materials, he moved into the house and it burnt to the ground two weeks later in our tragic bush fires, undeterred, he's now rebuilt it again, that takes courage.

  3. Maggi, you are right. We always must remember to learn from whatever comes your way
    Ro, thank you for your message. incidentally since reading your post I've been very excited about researching resin jewellery. I have some ideas!!!!

  4. Sometimes it takes something like that to make us slow down and look at things in different ways doesn't it. I hope your recovery goes well. I love your little textile - the colours are just beautiful.

  5. You are right Sue, I am re-evaluating!

  6. Life is nothing without our health, and even though its a burden at the moment having to rest and let your body heal, it will be worth it in the end. Your reflection on life is a good lesson to us all. Hope you're on your feet (pardon the pun) soon.

  7. Thank you! Well at least you didn't say "break a leg" as I went into hospital as my son did!

  8. Oh, dear Clare, I do hope your recovery is going on well and that you keep your positive thinking and spirits high! Everything - really everything - passes some day, for good and for worse, that's the mantra I'm repeating when times are tough.

    Your pictures are great - as usual! - and I hope for you that you can proceed turning this 'calmed-down' time to something good and fruitful for yourself. I will be sending you strengthening thoughts :-)!


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