Monday, 18 June 2012

Fun, Flowers and Frottage

 Just enjoying some free style humorous stitching. Continuing the "angel" theme (see here) (Thanks Annette Emms!)I decided for fun to make an angel cat. In fact it's our beloved Smartie as an angel...
 He's going to reincarnate as a girl with ginger hair... I'm not sure seemed like a good idea!!
I love making the collage background - there is scrim and a favourite Japanese scrap here as well as felt and velvet. Very tactile.
His/her hair is wool roving, beads and colonial knots. I think he's a cross dresser.

Some beautiful roses in the garden have led to  lino cutting.

 Here is a pencil frottage of the lino.
Nice as printed in a sketchbook. I like the idea of birds in this at some time.

The poppies outside are in full show-off mode!

and there has become a work in progress to honour them too....more next time...

watch this space!


  1. So fun to see what you are up to, Clare! Isn't lino cutting a great process, so versatile - I love the poppy photo. Luminous! Happy mid summer, sus

  2. What a great post full of colour and lovely work -love the lino cut and the rubbing, very effective.

  3. Such a lovely colourful post. Look forward to seeing the poppy tribute.

  4. Seems you had great fun there!

    I especially admire your lino cutting!


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