Thursday, 31 May 2012

May walk and family quilts

Here is Isabel's lovely quilt. All finished and entered into the school art competition today. This 10 year old has real stitching potential don't you think - well done daughter of mine!

At the weekend we went for a marvellous walk over Wenlock Edge. Collected fossils and sampled masses of wild garlic which carpeted these beautiful woods.
This tree must surely have fairies living in it's roots!
When we got home this lovely dragonfly (?) was in the kitchen. I love his woven wings.
...and here is another family quilt. My mother-in-law, Angie, had this quilt on display at Malvern Quilt Show. I adore the colour combinations - very tasteful. She's a neatness queen!!
See you soon! We are off to Cornwall next week...yippeeeeeeeeeeeeee !


  1. Lucky girl! Can I come too?
    Daughters quilt is wonderful . . Looks like you'll have to keep your wits about you.
    Have fun! X

  2. Clare, please tell your talented daughter that her Jelly Fish have stolen my heart. -sus

  3. Isabel's quilt is beautiful... clever girl! Have a lovely holiday.

  4. Well done to Isabel - make sure she enters Uttoxeter next year. I remember seeing Angie's quilt at Malvern, it is stunning. Love your other photos too. Have a great holiday - very envious!

  5. That's a beautiful quilt! Well done Isabel!

  6. Beautiful quilt Isabel, good luck with the competition. Have a lovely break in Cornwall.

  7. Isabel can be proud (and you too Clare : it runs in the family !!!)

  8. Quilting talent must run in your gene pool! Isabel's quilt would make a lovely illustration for a children's book. I love the beads too.

  9. Talented family, I believe ...! And Isabel's quilt is really great!


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