Sunday, 12 February 2012

Treading the path.

Sometimes I have a lot on. At the moment there are things I have to do which seem hard and fruitless. I know the end of the process will be sad. I know I will not have my Mum any more. But I have to remember to take one step at the time. A little warm footprint on the cold, cold path.
Part of the process is to continue to make. To keep my hands busy and allow my mind to assimilate and focus.
To remember her as she was when her mind worked. To remember that she will shine like a star inside me.
And that star will have colour and depth. And warmth around it.
Softness and form.

A practical side.
And a hug.
(This is our boy Henry looking at the snow from his hutch - he didn't think much of it on his paws!)


  1. It is hard for you, like dealing with a stranger? I don't have my Mum, she died 24yrs ago but, some days, especially lately as I get older, I 'see' her in myself, the things I do,the way I hold something or the things I cook....Little things that say," I'm here by your side, I never left you."

    The hurt will always be there to some degree and will subside.

    Have a good week,

    Sandie xx

  2. Sending you a hug... Looks like your quilt will hold the ability to do that too.

  3. Hello...I just found your blog and was caught by your lovely stitching, creativeness, and your sweet orange kitty that looks just like my Fetzer with the white nose. Sorry for your sadness with your mom. My mom passed 18 yrs ago and I miss her all the time. I look forward to seeing more of your lovely work on your blog...just started following. :-)

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  5. Sending you a hug Clare xx Sandie has said it all, take care.

  6. take care and remember to give Henry a hug too!!! Baby it is cold outside! The memories return at the strangous moments but when you stop and think ...I have found a connection to another memory i had forgotten. Blessings, Mary Helen Fernandez stewart

  7. Stay strong and keep the memories alive.

  8. Thinking of you; a cold path is difficult to walk.

  9. One step at the time, yes, that´s the way to do it anyways... - best to you, and thanks for visiting...

  10. Oh, I empathise with your dilemma. Sending you my warmest wishes.x

  11. Did you notice that the bird's tracks, if looked at the right way, look like a flock of birds in flight?

  12. A beautiful star and beautiful thoughts, dear Clare. I'm thinking of you.


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