Sunday, 5 February 2012


 Strange, how subconciously I opt for this rather monochromatic colour scheme every January / February. This year I thought it wouldn't happen as we have had no snow, the daffs are starting to bloom and our general landscape has been pretty green and verdant.
And still it happens. After Christmas it's as if the eyes need a rest.
These Japanese woven fabrics are just the ticket for some kind of relaxation and a sense of peace.

Even if they do turn into a chicken quilt without me really thinking about what I'm doing! This  one is for the kitchen table as Spring approaches.

Unbidden, this afternoon, six inches of snow fell in six hours. The first of the winter.

More fabrics laid out. More of the same easy hues.

I'm not sure what will happen to them!
But they lie here, winking!

A note in the sketchbook - snow surrounds the terracotta pumpkins.
January's diary shows a little more vibrancy. The month has been a difficult one with my Mum's failing health. After two months in hospital she is taken into a nursing home. We feed and water her. We make her comfortable.

Some solace in the sketchbook as printing is explored. Acrylic pears stamped with hand cut expanda-sponge and a watercolour dye wash.

The snowmen that my very good friend Tracy made me for Christmas are at last feeling at home in the seasonal weather.


  1. Just to let you know the photographs are not showing on this post. Stay warm

  2. I am always drawn to the darker colors in the winter and tend to pick up my older winter pieces to stitch on.
    Sweet snowman ; )

  3. The soft colors are the colors of the landscape here right now too... I think I see them as potential, there is the knowing that the buds will burst forth soon... :)

  4. The soft colours are beautiful, so restful.

  5. Lovely fabrics. Neutral fabrics can speak volumns.

  6. You spoke too soon about the snow!

    I love the subtle grey and neutral colours in your stash.

  7. Beautiful soft colours and the pear prints work well. I'm sorry to read about your Mum. This part of our lives is not easy. Look after yourself while you care for your Mum.

  8. sorry to hear your mum is not too good. Your blog always inspires me, its fabulous...... Jacqui x

  9. sorry to hear about your mother. your winter monochrome choices and reasons are shared by Victoria G over at SillyBooDilly - do you know her work? In any case, they ARE soothing and the chickens are fun.

  10. Clare so sorry to read about your Mum. The colours you have chosen are soothing, calm without being dull. Your pear prints are great. Creative activities can be a life saver during stressful times as long as we remember to keep it fun.

  11. Dear Clare,

    your monochromatic colours are a treat to the eye this time of year - and maybe they are also a bit of a mirror on how you feel, in sorrow of seeing you mother slowly fading away. I'm so sorry for that.

    Yes, keep you hands busy with creative work - it will soothen and channel your feelings.


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