Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Which Witch?

Spent some spare time making Rosemary the dotty witch of Halloween. She has the most gorgeous linen hat and dress and a white linen blouse and pantaloons.
You have to dress up for All Hallows!
She stands 55cm (21") tall and is happy to sit anywhere looking decorative!
Let me know if you'd like to buy her - I haven't convinced myself to open a shop online yet - I need confidence for that. She costs £40.


  1. Ha! She's lovely Clare ! Love the dots.
    (though she still looks a bit shy to me ;-) .....)

  2. That's a great witch, dear Clare - she looks a bit medieval to mee, with her curly blue hair!

    And even if I don't happen to need a witch right now, I very well think you should have all confidence to establish an online-shop - your work is so beautiful and so excellent done, you'll be more than competitive!

  3. She is a quite precious little witch! Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  4. You should open a shop, OR sell at a craft fair. Your work is lovely.

  5. Have you thought of having an Etsy shop? I am sure you would find that it worked for you. You could esily link it to your blog and there are no set up costs.

    Your witch is lovely, I feel she must be a good witch, dotty but kind at heart.

  6. She is a sweet witch...and I think you should open a shop too.


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