Friday, 7 October 2011

Autumn Colour

A little work using the colours of Dartmoor, a place I fell in love with this summer. Using hand dyed threads, silk throwsters waste and scrim.
Evoking the blustery heather and gorse and the big windscuffed sky.

Snatched time to build on the sketchbook - a look at shading in expressive ways.

Making an apple crumble from a nine patch
 Autumn spiral
Turkey chilli to keep out the chilly
 And a very Autumnal friend asleep on a quilt on the kitchen table in the midst of all the activity.

JOY ....


  1. Beautiful work, love the sketches the apple nine patch and is just one of those posts that leave you smiling

  2. Lovely post. Full of wonder and fall.

  3. Beautiful piece of stitchery Clare!
    the orbs are great and it's a yummy nine patch!

  4. Serenity...beautiful colors and stitches... apple crumble...and a sleeping beauty to keep you company. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  5. All good! Autumn really has arrived...

  6. wondering now what a silk throwster is and fancying a helping of that turkey chilli!

  7. Wonderful shades in that sky - great work! - and your sketchbook is a treasury, dear Clare!

  8. The textures and soft colours in your stitchery are lovely, a visual treat, as are the apples and chilli. Beautiful sketching.

  9. The colours in the piece (and the crafting) are beautiful! (:


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