Friday, 13 August 2010

A Visit With A Friend

This week a friend and I met at Twycross Zoo with our children. The youngsters had a great time but there was an alterior motive.... Linda and I only get together about once a year - twice if we're lucky as we now live in different cities...

We originally met at antenatal group eleven years ago so our children have known each other (at a distance) since they were born....

Even though we meet so infrequently Linda and I fall in with each other the same as always. As you can see we wouldn't be photographing anything as obvious as the animals, wonderful as they were. We, of course, would both be training our cameras on bits of fungus, seeds, lichen, bark and ... these bamboo fence posts enclosing the elephants! I love the eliptical shapes and the texture. Both of us take inspiration from the little things around us whilst the children marvel at the sheer "bigness" of the elephants!
She and I will continue to meet and mutually inspire for ever. You can't beat friends like this.

Savouring the day, making it last.


  1. I enjoyed looking at your journal pages, again...

  2. A beautiful post about your wonderful friendship and photos. Magical :o)

  3. My DD tells me that you can now book a special treat at Twycross. Feeding the elephants. Apparently she was hoping to take me for my birthday (sorry, big child!) but the waiting lists was months long.

    It's lovely to have a friendship like that and glad you enjoyed yourself.

  4. Those are great photos! Fun to see how you placed them into your journal.

  5. Yes, these 'old' friendships have a special quality - and it's a wonderful feeling being able to connect instantly, as if there never has been a break of time inbetween ... A treasure, not easily achieved!

    And your photos are very inspiring, too!

  6. Love the pics ... they are so great. I am a new crafter/blogger/photographer ( looking across the web for inspiration. Each site has some. I enjoyed my first visit.


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