Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Sturgeon Moon

So, not much sewing this summer since a prolapsed disc in my back has really stopped me sitting down! I can't settle to anything for long at all, so I have made gallons of jam and chutney as I can stand to chop, cook and bottle.
However I have decided how to use my vintage fabrics in blues and whites which I have collected over the past few months. A very summery quilt which will serve to remind me of Cornwall and The Scilly Isles this year. The colours are reminiscent of the white sands, the agapanthus blossoms and the wonderful wide sea and sky - my Cornish Quilt. I have decided on a simple 16 patch block of medium blues and whites throughout which will be sashed by white linen. Eventually. I can only sit to do a block at a time occasionally.
Easier though has been standing to paint and stick in notebooks and journals. Today we have a full moon known as the Sturgeon Moon since it was renowned for the tribes on the banks of the Great Lakes of North America to catch this particular fish at this time of year and by this bright moon.
I bought some Koh-I-Noor dye paints at the International Quilt Show at the N.E.C last weekend and they produce a nice confident colour ideal for journals. This little notebook has been set aside for seedheads which fascinate me.

I am saving seed ready for next year - both vegetables and plants and am finding some quotes to accompany little sketches.

...and here is a journal page from the Quilt Show day consisting of some of the cards of exhibitors I wish to remember which has of course been stitched together. Journals are great to do even with limited time, just adding bits when convenient or when, in my case, the left buttock allows!


  1. Love your sketches. The quilt is lovely. Hope you feel better soon and it isn't too serious. Taking therapy to make it better I hope.

  2. hope you are better soon.... the journal is great.

  3. I, too, am fascinated by seedheads...what marvels of hope they are.

    And that fiddler you were asking about over at my place? Her name is Natalie MacMaster and she totally knocks my socks off!! Pop on over to YouTube & you'll find lots of her music...let me know if your daughter enjoys, k?

    Take good care of yourself (although it sounds like you already are)...

  4. Lovely to see your sketchbook pages. Hope your back get better soon.

  5. I really enjoy seeing your sketches. Hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh Clare, what wonderful drawings and such a beautiful journal you've done! So great, so lovely!

    I'm sorry to hear about your disc problem and do hope you'll feel better soon!

    If you'd let someone raise your working table (using books or bricks f.e.), maybe you could do a bit of sewing while standing, too?

  7. sorry to hear about your back.

    I can see why you have been so inspired by Cornwall, those agapanthus are amazing. I have tried to grow them but have failed, you must need the warm, frost free climate?


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