Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Thank you

Worked on a little birthday card this afternoon- my first stitching for a while as so many people need my time. This was a way of therapeutically paying into the energy bank! I would like to sell some at a craft fair but am not sure I can produce in quantity.

Last year my in-laws bought me this
Isn't it tremendous and doesn't it offer up so much scope? There is no excuse for not executing an idea is there? The birthday card is for my father-in-law who's idea it was to burden me with such a present (?!). 

I love the way pears are so square shouldered. An experiment in acrylic on a black gesso background. Note to self - must investigate further.

Meanwhile here is Smartie, King of The Quilts and master of Tolerance.


  1. I love the colors and the stitching on the birthday card! That is one beautiful and patient kitty.

  2. I just have to say 'YES' to your post, that lovely stitched card, and that pear. Must catch up with your other posts.

  3. Love the card. The tree is great and the spiral is a nice touch. Little things add a lot sometimes. It's simple yet very nice.

  4. wonderful card...
    lucky person.
    Yes, we all must give ourselves some 'me time'
    Take care

  5. Ha - I see what you mean about the trees - very nice!

  6. LOL - oh your cat looks less than pleased! what a face!

  7. Your tree is really beautiful, Clare!

  8. Such a beautiful card and so many possibilities

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