Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Slow Cloth begins and some hilarious stitching is had....

My head gets full, I need a rest
The needle rocks,
Amongst the ripples of the muted fabric.
Soothed as it were
By the silken waves.
A needle chant.

Smartie soothes the flying heart.

I don't think I logged the final piece. The last slow cloth. The one I needed colour in.
Here it is: "The Road To St. Mawes".
Must show you this picture below:

My son (11) was set the task of making a model of the digestive system over the weekend as part of his biology prep. He needed some help, but what an opportunity for him to use the sewing machine! I think he ought to learn to drive one of these before he ever gets his hands on a car. Anyway we made this fabric digestive system from bits of old curtains and linings and a stars and stripes oesophagus c/o his younger sister's stash.
To be truthful I was quite fulfilled, in a perverse sort of a way, stuffing a fabric rectum!! We laughed a lot, he and I. In fact we were crying with hysterics trying to turn the  small intestine inside out. At least he can drive now, albeit with "L" plates!
He received a much coveted Headmasters Award for his hard work. Never has homework been so utterly fun!


  1. Love the fabric digestive system! Hilarious! What a great opportunity to get a boy to sew. I agree with you, he should learn to drive a sewing machine before learning to drive a car. Basic sewing is a life skill that everyone needs.

  2. Sweet kitty paw. Great fabric digestive system! My daughter made an art quilt depicting paneth cells for a class in college a couple of years ago.

  3. That is so funny, fabric is the perfect medium for the digestive tract!

  4. love the quietness of the heart.
    the project is hilarious. you can use fabric for anything!

  5. TOO Funny! Love that digestive system....has got to be a one of a kind.
    Your slow cloth is thinks I'll have to give this a go sometime. Where do I learn about this?

  6. Wonderful! Love the new cloth and the finished one. Also that digestive system is fabulous. Great job to your son!

  7. How fabulous! Love the digestive system! I have fond memories of my son sewing when he was small..... sigh, they grow so fast.

  8. I adore everything in your post today!

  9. I really like the piece that you are working on at the moment and the stitching is beautiful on the coloured piece. I wish homework had been so much fun when I was at school - brilliant idea.

  10. From just a little further north - enjoying your blog, the slow cloth concept and the unique homework. Very much relate to the ginger help you are offered on a regular basis.

  11. Now that made my day! What a great project.

  12. just found your blog thru Yvonne's blog and love your flying heart. I have to say that the fabric digestive system is brilliant!!!

  13. This is brilliant! You know, this is art as well as science. Maybe your son would like to take on some other organs done in fabric? He could go for extra credit. I can see a lovely brain, all gathered out of grey satin, or lungs of lace? You are a wonderful Mom.


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