Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hearts and Snow

February brings hearts and more snow.

Monday's snowfall left us with a crisp blue day and and unexpected carpet of whiteness.  Because it was not forecasted the roads weren't gritted and spoiled!
I took a walk after dropping the children at school and was the first to tread where I went. It's a joyful feeling. In fact it literally made my heart sing.

I'm getting a lot of pleasure from my new camera (Canon EOS 500D). Just the standard lens seems to take lovely pictures.

This robin sang as he ate the bread I'd put out. He was calling his friends...

... and I found these beautiful skeletal Chinese Lantern hearts in my friend Pippa's garden.

... now the thaw has come.


  1. I agree, it is a sweet thing to walk through the snow first. Your hearts capture one of the best parts of spring!

  2. your robins are so much cuter than ours, I miss England!!!!

  3. Beautiful photos..
    I saw my first robin in Crete, last week whilst digging the allotment over. It brought a lump to my throat as I always associate them with my deceased grandfather, he's found me! No doubt he'll have something to say about my gardening technique here!!
    Take care

  4. Your stitching is so pretty, and your photos are beautiful.

  5. Great editing? they came just like that with a simple click?
    I have not seen any robins yet, I think it's going to be awhile here still.

  6. The hearts are so lovely, and your photos are fabulous!

  7. wow I'm flattered by these lovely comments. The only editing on the photos is cropping. What a great lens!

  8. very nice those lantern skeletons... something light hearted in this post....

  9. sweet sweet sweet birds .. each photo a gem ... beautiful

  10. The pictures are stunning...beautiful!
    Sweet embroidery.
    I never tire of watching birds and hearing their beautiful songs.
    I am always amazed : )

  11. I love the little robin, what a clever feeder also. The August days you mentioned in your comment seem a long way off.
    Thanks for voting for the bees!

  12. Oh lovely, lovely images and stitching here!


  13. Wonderful photos, especially the Robin and the very last one of the snow.

  14. Your hearts capture one of the best parts of spring!
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