Monday, 18 January 2010

Winter Painting and a new addition to the family...

The snow has melted unfortunately, leaving the usual slush and blackened hedgerows along the roads. The memory of this tree across the fields in the sterile snowy landscape is still with me and I keep having to look at the photo I took at minus 12 degrees last week.
The very cold still air had quite a pronounced effect on colour. When it was about between minus 5 and minus 10 there was a bluish tinge to everything, but this became suffused with pinks when the temperature was even lower. I think the breathless air had something to do with it.
My new Moleskine watercolour book has been calling to me to put brush to paper and I have started a new small journal in it which will probably have mostly paintings. This one is 3.5" square. A new, smaller format which I think I am comfortable with.

And here is the new addition to our family. We lost our dear little "delicat", Daisy just before Christmas and we have adopted this big boy, Smartie. He's 9 and needed a home. Unfortunately he spent the first 24 hours here hiding under the woodburning stove and so became very grey, but he has been cleaning himself up to reveal his full ginger and white glory.

He's very loving and very greedy - so he'll fit in well here!!


  1. What a handsome cat, I am sure he will happy in your home.

    I think you would enjoy having an Etsy shop, it is a very user friendly site.

    I love your little painting, it was so interesting to see how the snow transformed the landscape and how the colours changed from day to day.

  2. Ah another ginger cat, enjoy him.

  3. Lovely little painting and that is so interesting about the colors in the cold weather.
    Your ginger cat looks happy. :)

  4. sweet painting, and a swell looking cat fellow! It must be unusual for you to get such cold weather...

  5. i like your painting.

    A promising start for your cat... using natural dyes :) He looks happy.

  6. beautiful painting. We all loved the snow at first and I got some marvellous inspiration from it but it was a pain when we were stuck and couldnt get to school with the bad ice


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