Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday - A Day Of Rest (a new experience....)

A very unusual thing has happened. A synergy if ever there was one between the weather and my family! They are all out for the day at a very noisy airshow and the weather is total perfection. I have discovered the perfect stitching location. In my hammock. In fact it hasn't seen the light of day for two years because last year it rained solidly for 12 months and the year before the weather was better but a pesky squirrel gnawed through the guy rope! Before that I couldn't sew anyway so hammock and needle have come together to form a haven of bliss.

Whilst I was in cloud cuckooland the birds continued to feed from the seed feeders hanging around me and I was treated to the sounds of their little voices and the fluttering of wings as they jostled for position.
I'm stitching a lovely print made by Kit Eastman that I received in a giveaway - lucky old me. I love the colours of this echinacea and am kantha stitching my way around it.
I adorethe purple variety of these flowers especially their orangey cones. I'll be adding a few seed beads I think.

I took a little time out to bake a lemon drizzle cake though which, incidentally, rose so well that it drizzled itself all over the Aga floor as it cooked. I simply scraped it off afterwards with a spatula and put it straight into my mouth! Et Voila! No-one can see what I do today! In fact I got to lick all the mixture off the spoon. No competition!

But can you believe it? The cheeky little squirrel was back licking his lips! Hmmmm tasty rope. I will probably land up on the floor next time I attempt a relaxing Sunday in a hammock.


  1. Clare, it's great to think of you swinging in your hammock, stitching on that piece! Hope your sunny days continue!

  2. Lucky you! Enjoy it and let'shope next sunday is the same.........

  3. What a gift! I've been coming to the realization that I want my projects to be portable because outside is my favorite place to work.

  4. Lovely blog Clare, lemon drizzle cake, my favourite though am hopeless at sponges my mum makes them! Such lovely stitching. BFN.

  5. Im coming over next Sunday - see you then. lemon drizzle cake sounds delicious. I would never be able to scrape off and eat anything from the bottom of our oven. its like a baked on archeological dig in there.

  6. What a special day! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.


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