Wednesday, 10 June 2009

A Little Tiny Gem (or three)

I discovered this today - Lynette Anderson is a designer of patchwork and stitcheries in Australia.
Two friends of mine have splashed out on a wonderful pattern for Christmas (they must be more organised than I by about 6 months). They have both twittered about it (not in the website Twitter sense but in the original meaning of "twitter" i.e. the noise of groups of excitable fabric obsessed women). I took a look at Lynette's designs online and discovered a set of free stitchery patterns which are really rather lovely depicting the animals of Noah's Ark.
Have a look at this link. The little patterns are about 2.5 inches square and eventually go together as a small quilt.
I might have a go, especially as I recently invested 75p in a 3 inch hoop!!

Another tiny gem: my daughter (7) asked me why Beatrix Potter had been arrested. I was flummoxed. I racked my brains whilst negotiating heavy traffic in the car. Was she a Suffragette? Had she nailed a rodent to a table in order to paint Squirrel Nutkin? Stumped, I asked her how she knew she'd been arrested and her reply was "well, Mummy, my book says on the cover that it is celebrating the release of a new Beatrix Potter ..." (She's been watching too much Police Camera Action with her Daddy I fear).

Another tiny gem: My son (10) has just had his puberty lesson at school. He says on the way home from school he now knows how to have sex. My eyes are on stalks and my voice has gone up 4 octaves. Apparently the man puts his penis in the woman's appendix. This he says in a loud voice as we pass a nun in the High Street.
I really can't have any more children now; it's just too tricky psychologically - do you think I can apply for an elective appendectomy?


  1. Oh my gosh have I got the giggles!

  2. Kids, eh!!
    Yes, I've got the Noahs Ark patterns, not started yet but my friend Chris has finished them and they look lovely.

  3. that is too funny. we have had lots of sex talks, but nun so far in front of a nun! oh boy.


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