Thursday, 12 February 2009


Ta-dah! After one year and four months, most of this quilt top is done - just the border and binding to go.
So far I haven't bought any new projects this year and am trying hard to stay on the straight and narrow (1/4 of an inch to be precise) finishing all that unfinished and unstarted business.
Ha-ha but that'll be a joke once the quilt festivals start!!


  1. Clare this has a lovely style to it. I like it's folk art orientation. Well done on achieving it.... I'd be lost!

  2. Hello Clare
    hooray I'm just about getting this.
    Fabulous quilt. Still just looking at my sunflower material, but have got the old treddle machine working, just need to clean it now

  3. I just dropped in to say thankyou for your kind comment on my blog. I won't take you up on the offer to swap for a piece of your felt as I feel bound to make a success of what I have started. Your crow quilt is wonderful - my youngest daughter is mad about crows and I will show it to her when next she comes to see me. Great design and beautifully made.

  4. Clare, I stumbled onto your blog from another, or another (lol) and love this gorgeous little folk art quilt. I've been toying with the idea of doing something of a folk art nature (I am an art quilter) and absolutely love this. Job well done!

  5. Love the quilt; great beetroots and yummy snowdrops. Hugs x


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