Saturday, 21 February 2009

Spring Has Sprung

At last Spring could have arrived - or is this the only day of this year's British Summer - who knows these days.

I have celebrated by visiting my long neglected allotment plot. Lo and behold I found these amazing beetroots lurking there which are now braising in the Aga. All is beginning to bud and shoot and the strawberry runners have taken root nicely. Yet the snowdrops are in fine display.

I feel renewed even after just an hour there and shall be inspired to finish quilting this quilt later once fortified with a big bowl of borscht.


  1. BEAUTIFUL snow drops? Is that what you called those awesome white flowers?
    I LOVE Your folk art quilt-NEAT.

  2. Lovely quilt, great beetroots & yummy snowdrops xx

  3. It;s been that sort of amazing day when spring really feels as if it is springing. I'll go dig up our left-in-the-ground beetroot.


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