Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Tale Of Two Cities

Yesterday I visited two cities. I felt like a Japanese tourist on speed. My husband had a business meeting in London which was cancelled so I had his train ticket. First I got off in Birmingham and had a quick survey of the Rag Market and a couple of Christmas pressie purchases in The Bull Ring Shopping Centre.
Birmingham has changed such a lot since I was a child. It has everything you need in a big city including the fabulous Selfridges building which looks like it's got CDs stuck all over it! It's like a design museum inside too - wonderful for browsing.
Then I lept on to a passing train and nipped into Covent Garden, London for a wonder. I do miss living in London in lots of ways but on the other hand I don't think I could keep up the pace I used to have as a musician there any more. The congestion charge, where vehicles have to pay a sustantial fee to drive in Central London, has certainly eased the traffic where I went yesterday and the fumes are much diminished.

It was lovely to see the lights and decorations in the shops but I feel a bit Christmassed out today!

Had a bit of therapy on the train in the shape of a little sewing for a Christmas card, a very nice huge turkey sandwich, some strong coffee and about a pint of free red wine. No wonder hubby's never hungry when he's been to a London meeting!

Today is the first day of the holidays for my oldest child - I shall entertain him by going to get new school shoes for next term (beat the rush) and helping me in Sainsbury's (can't make it too nice because number two child hasn't finished term yet....).

However I shall have to make time to sit and have a read of my new book bought for me by my friend Catie as a belated birthday present (no I'm not rubbing in the belated bit Catie!). "The Painted Quilt" by Laura and Linda Kemshall. It just looks divine.


  1. Yet another interesting post, and what a super birthday present. I am not a quilter but love the work that Laura and Linda do. The Selfridges building looks amazing.

  2. There is quite a distance between Birningham and London (even by Australian standards) you must have been on the train for hours - how long did the trip take? free red wine would have helped - how very civilised.

    i dont think number two child could complain about being at school too much when the alternative is grocery and school shoe shopping - thats like bamboo spikes under fingernails for our kids.

  3. Birmingham is about an hour and a quarter by fast Pendolino (Virgin's quick tilting trains) on a good day if the wind is in the right direction. The red wine made it seem even quicker!!

  4. Hey, when did they start giving out free wine on 'brutish' rail?
    I've gone wrong somewhere. . .
    Sounds like you made the most of your day out!


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