Monday, 1 September 2008

The Spirit of Autumn

The Spirit of Autumn is in the air. At last the weather can officially be dank and misty without us all chirruping on about it not being right like this in August. September heralds the ripening of pumpkins in my book and that is cause to celebrate! To honour the season's colours I am knitting with this amazing hand-dyed Colinette yarn from Wales. It is warm, slubby and delightfully nubby! What's more it's my first knitting really so I'm enjoying it when the kids have gone to bed and there's no head space to think about sewing and no energy to do much else.

I played about with a drab image of Portmeirion with Picasa today and wonder whether to brighten all my other Welsh holiday photos up in the same way to change my memories of the holiday.

A kind of high tech version of "rose-tinted spectacles." Hmmm.

Anyway it might be an idea for a quilt some time, who knows?


  1. Hi there JGYG, I have only discovered your blog today, I was awarded two blog awards today and I have passed a few on to my regular blogs that I read, I thought for a change I would find two new blogs, well, new to me, to pass these awards on to aswell, so here we are: Ta Daaaa....
    You are the proud winner of two blog awards, congratulations, just go to my blog to collect and then pass these on, if you feel you would like to. Well, done Tricia

  2. Your waves of Autumn colors are very luscious looking for your project. Autumn is such a glorious time of year. Hugs Judy

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  4. You would have been very proud of me today JGYG, knowing as you do that I possess two left thumbs when it comes to anysort of craft work. I sewed all Daughter's name tapes on all by myself. A medal please. Lovely post MH

  5. You get the Olympic Gold for sewing on your own name tapes. I have always done this, feeling very "grown up" the first time I did as number 1 child tottered off to nursery all those years ago. My confession is that for the first time this term I used iron ons. Wow they are quick to go on...quick to fall off? this space.


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