Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ducklings Take Over The Garden

No sign of life on Thursday evening from the eight eggs and then, blow me, all eight eggs had hatched and there were eight ducklings on the pond by 9a.m. on Friday morning. It's incredible how they know how to forage for food, swim and run straight away!

I spent most of the day terrified that some predator or another would capture these tiny mallards. I chased away a magpie, my cat, a neighbour's cat and seen a hovering sparrowhawk 100 feet up in the sky, but we have made it through the whole weekend now with no casualties.


  1. You have been tagged! Come on over and see what to do! MH

  2. I know just how you feel as a foster parent. We had greylag geese one year and only a day or two after hatching there was a huger commotion at night and the next day just one surviving chick. It was too sad.

    But the next year the same pair raised a full and happy family.

    BTW I found this site doing a google for you. It may be of no interest, or it may.


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