Sunday, 12 August 2012

Marathon Sketchbooking

The more I watch the Olympics and see all these active people, the more I want to sit on my bottom and play in my sketchbook!
 I have only a week or so left of my year of my Creative Sketchbook course and I need to get to finishing Module 4. I've had many a week where creativity has been at a low ebb as my mum moves toward the end of her life, but this past two weeks I realised how much art can be a therapy in these situations. It buys time to ponder and time to refocus.
I have decided to make a journal quilt each month pointing out where I have found peace. I am working on this in the sketchbook and as this white dove descended into the garden last week I resolved to begin the work this month,
Pockets from a photo are handy for collecting ephemera - in this case some feathers which I might use as printing inspiration.
See the end of this post for August's quilt.
This little pottery dove sits by my front door and the stars, so reminiscent of quilt blocks are on the floor all the way down the hall of my Victorian home.

Various cut pages.

Roll on Autumn - I love pumpkins!
I pressed this Bleeding Heart stem earlier in the year and have just taken it from the flower press.

A pencil rubbing of a lino block....


It was all ace. It was a part of my peace.


  1. this is looking like one crazy fabulous sketchbook. you must be having such a great time working on these sure appears that way to me!!!!

  2. Your sketches and quilt are lovely, and I think the white dove is symbolic of what you're going through with your mum at this time. What an emotional time you must be having, but its nice to hear your creativity is helping you through.

  3. I love this are amazing!!!

  4. The thready textures of this blue quilt make me want to touch! Your sketchbook images are fun to see - I especially like the vase series.

  5. Thank you Sus,
    All quilting is touchy feely isn't it...that's why I tend to use wadding rather than just a stabiliser when I sew.
    Jill I am having a great time with the's a discipline I need to keep up now.

  6. as a paper-cloth person, I'm interested in how you are playing with going back and forth... as lovely as your stitched dove is, I can't help but notice how much I prefer the paper versions... It is one of the frustrations of working with thread and fabric, I think. (PS I just stitched a dove onto a Noah's Ark quilt, so really have been directly thinking about this this month!)

  7. dee - hi the dove is paper and scrim etc on a vilene backing which I appliquéed to the indigo fabric. it's nice to stitch on to, nicer than pure paper, but I take your point and have a lot of exploring to do. Thank you - I'm going to have a look at your dove!

  8. Beautiful sketchbook pages Clare and the Journal Quilt is lovely.

  9. Thank you for visiting my blog I'm glad you did because I love the work you've done :-)

  10. Thank you very much both Jan and Maggi

  11. I'm very sorry to hear about your mum slowly fading away - that must be a real hard time for you, dear Clare - then again, good to have your creativity as a window for your heart. And you pictures are truly amazing - so many, and each of them showing new aspects of your talent! Awesome!

  12. Thank you Anelli
    you are right, it's great to have an outlet. It's an infinitely expanding one!
    Thank you

  13. I love the idea of keeping a sketchbook... such a wealth of ideas to go back and pull from. (Personally, I have never been good at keeping one. I just start 'em and stop 'em.) I really admire your focus and dedication!

  14. I'm really enjoying the pages of your sketchbook - it really makes me want to go and play! And the quilt is lovely - the layers of texture in the dove are so feathery. :o)

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