Thursday, 19 July 2012

The First Item from the Hand-dyed Fabric - suggestions please!

So here is the first item I have made from my hand dyed fabric in colours I wouldn't normally use. I like working in them now as they are summery and brighten up this glum weather we seem stuck with.
It's a hanging pouch from an idea by Laura and Linda Kemshall.
Suggestions on a postcards please as to what I can keep in here!
It's an addictive thing to make though - they could be hanging all over the house soon.
Watch this space to see what I make from the indigo dyed fabric!  ......


  1. I am sure you will find many storage solutions and fill your creation in no time. The fabric dyeing session looks like fun, and bright and cheery to add some colour to our wash out summer!

  2. Looks lovely Clare. You could always keep a hand sewing kit in each one then you'd have no excuse not to sew in whichever room you happened to be in.

  3. at the moment there's a hairbrush in this one...I always lose mine.
    Maggi that's a good idea - not that I have a problem leaving little threads all over the house already!

  4. I would use it as a "Found Time" bag. I keep one with some handwork that is prtable for times waiting for an appt.
    I'm sure you will decide on something fun

  5. I just completed my art installation Whispers in the Trees at Dawes I have save every sweet morsel of hand dyed cotton twill. I ma still playing with the possibilities of creating a moving item of clothing. I do love this bag! peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. Hi Clare! Now, that's a lovely bag. . . Looks like a perfect place to keep sticks.! Xx

  7. Annette.... Aha I think you have the answer.... You've solved a sticky problem.

  8. Those bags are certainly a puzzle, a friend suggested a handful of potpourri in mine - I did think a larger one could be for the spare loo roll, but there's nowhere to hang it. I also thought about hanging it on the headboard with a tissue and... not sure what else I need to lay my hands on in the middle of the night.

  9. Jill - yes I thought of pot pourri as well. My daughter had her hockey ball in it earlier....hmmmmm!

  10. Handkerchiefs, matches and a pair of scissors - the things you need in almost every room and which are always lacking!


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