Monday, 16 April 2012

Uttoxeter where the money 'fell' out of my purse! But you only live once.

Yesterday I volunteered as a member of Wolverhampton Embroiderers' Guild to be a steward at the Quilt and Embroidery show at Uttoxeter. It was very rewarding listening to people's comments and having time to look at the work in detail. I was stationed amongst the embroidery pieces upstairs and there was an excellent standard of work and a huge variety of styles to intrigue.
So after two hours of that I was released from duty and by then of course my shopping glands were operating at full steam!
I had a bit of a splurge I'm ashamed to say (to husband later on my return) or excited to say (real feelings).
I bought two lovely pieces of Indian embroidery made in Rajastan I think but bought by the trader in Gujarat.
One was those characteristic reds and shisha mirrors and the other was much paler in restful blues. I adore them even though they are not totally had embroidered. Some parts are missing a few mirrors etc but that doesn't worry me. They look loved and used.
They are hand pieced and embellished and one wonders how long these pieces will be available for given the 'globalisation' of India at the moment.
I prefer textiles on the walls to wallpaper - I like the way I can move them from room to room by hanging them from the picture rail.

Anyway it was a lovely day meeting old friends and new - it was particularly good to hook up with Maggi Birchenough, whose blog 'To Dream To Stitch' and work I've loved for a good while. This is it with on-liners - they could be anywhere in the world and we find a common interest. It is only now that I realise she lives just 30 miles from me!


  1. I could study each of these photos for wonder the desire to bring something home was too impossible to resist...FABULOUS.

  2. Wow , what a wealth of design inspiration, Claire. I especially like the pale blue piece, although red is usually my favorite. Sometimes you just HAVE to open your wallet. You did well making wise purchases. Happy day, sus

  3. What great purchases, you lucky girl. And how lovely that you met Maggi too.
    A truly special day.....

  4. Ahhhhh, Clare ! you sure found some lovely pieces !!!!!
    (worth every penny)

  5. The embroideries are stunningly beautiful, so much work in them. What a great and lovely to display them on your walls. Lovely to meet blog friends too.

  6. What wonderful pieces your embroideries are and what a source of inspiration. I am sure they will give you many hours of pleasure for many years to come.

  7. I can see you made some good investments!

  8. Ah, irresistable! Yes, display them on the wall and love them every day, girl!

  9. I can see why you were tempted. Love the pale blue one.


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