Saturday, 10 March 2012

Paradise Found

A post by Sweetpeapath inspired me this week in summing up a way that I too use to get by in difficult times. It has to do with acknowledging the sometimes very small good things around us. Often I note them in my journal - always focussing on the positive. That way I can revisit these golden moments when I need to.
When there are seemingly too many challenges the brain needs a rest, it needs to feed, to breathe in.
Where are those little pockets of paradise which nourish and recharge mind and body for  you?
Here were some of mine this week.
Sketchbook fiddling, getting lost in play and fiddling with print, rubbings and paint.

A joyous full moon - one which cast sharp black shadows upon the silvery grass in the evenings.

An unexpected walk in the park with Janet and playing on the adult out door green gym - too funny and definitely NO photos!

The signs of Spring - tulips emerging, snowdrops giving way to daffodils and a rebirth in the garden.
A privilege of discovery. A little nook in an urban landscape. My neighbours went away for a week and allowed me to feed their chickens!
But firstly I marvelled in their little Victorian garden on a misty morning.
He had been head of a city Botanical Garden and obviously is a scavenger. Lots of Victorian chimneys and sinks for planting.

An air raid shelter still in the garden which he kept as a fernery
Some fabulous ironwork.
emergent and unidentified ...
...Thomas - always glad to see me
... and six beautiful girls waiting to be let out to scratch around the tiny espalier orchard.
I really had quite a chat to them twice a day. I can't wait until my neighbours have another holiday quite honestly because I'll get to see the garden again in it's summer mantle.

 So, what were your pockets of paradise this week? It does you good to think.


  1. Oh thank you for sharing all this...what a lovely garden! That would be a "pocket of paradise" for me as well...

  2. What a delight - thank you to your neighbour for a peep into their garden, and what a lovely idea your 'pocket of paradise' is. Certainly enjoying watching the bumble bees in the sunshine has given me pleasure this week.

  3. Small pockets of paradise - what a wonderful thought and way of keeping oneself thankful also in times of harsher days.

    I do love your work, dear Clare - textiles, pictures, thoughts.

  4. Thank you for sharing the garden. Oh, how I love all the bits they have collected there. Ages ago, I found a chimney pot in Portland, Oregon. It came home with me - smelling of soot and all - and is one of my cherished pieces in the garden.


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