Monday, 6 June 2011

Sew a Little, Sow a Little

Potential here for a lovely linen quilt.

Really understated. Plenty of plain fabric with a little something of colour. Interest lies in the weave and texture. Something simple. Grown from a little seed.

To compare:-  the seeds I planted only a month or so ago. From something so unprepossessing to a rich and varied lunch of twenty or more varieties of salad leaves is very satisfying. Interest here lies in the textures and many flavours.
Apart from a little Welsh cheese added here my food miles for lunch were approximately 30 metres!

I like the connection here between the potential quilt and those little seeds which yielded so much.


  1. mad woman from cornwallMon Jun 06, 09:03:00 pm BST

    loving the analogy....... life is all about connections but sometimes we just dont see them.... as for WELSH cheese.. well better send you some Yarg..

  2. great blog!

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  3. Very satisfying indeed, I wonder how the quilt will progress.

  4. This is an important connection for me too.

  5. The flavour in homegrown salad leaves just doesn't compare with supermarket ones. The textures and gentle colours in the linen and wonderful.

  6. Yes, I do share your love both for the structure and feeling of linen as for that many-leave salad, dear Clare ... True wonders of nature.


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