Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Peace by Piece?

What is it with cats and the very piece of fabric you are trying to lay out? Suddenly this quilt in progress has to become the playground and general scratching, scrabbling, dribbling mat and all round sexual plaything!
In contrast to the serenity of this glorious swan on the River Severn later the same day.
Note to self: must remember to give Smartie the frenzied feline a lesson in poise and grace some day!
Only a couple of borders to go and our double bed quilt for next winter will be pieced. Nice and simple. Warm and snug.
Ready for the All England Feline Quilt Kicking Olympics.


  1. LOL! I know just what you mean! The older they get, the more they do that too!
    Nice quilt! It reminds me of the Victorian tiled floors, can't remember the name at the moment...must be my age!

    Sandie xx

  2. Looks like a fabulous quilt Clare ...beautifully made. You made me laugh re: the Quilt Kicking Olympics (thats quite hard to say!!)
    Peachy kicks all his toys to death ...shows 'em no mercy :-)

  3. I love those earthy colours. Strange how cats and quilts go together isn't it?

  4. In my household it's the chihuahua that beats things up.... :)

  5. "Nice piecing, Clare...perfect points" says Smartie, as she deposits a thick coating of hair on your Q.I.P.
    We have put a heating pad, turned on to medium, under a fiber mat on a wide shelf next to the window in our office. Our kitties now prefer this spot over my work tables.
    Love your latest projects and cool journal entries.

  6. It may be all serene on top but underneath the water it's legs are going like the clappers!!!

  7. Serenity is usually the result of much unseen hard work - and even elderly and dignified cats can have a mad half-hour!

  8. Wonderful quilt but I love your ginger cat!


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