Monday, 31 January 2011

Meeting the Light

January - nearly over. A pretty uncreative month for me. Somehow the darkness and those blank flat skies hold little inspiration. So to something practical to satisfy those itchy "making fingers," "doing hands."
Just piecing block on block. Like a journey. Taking the steps. Eventually I get somewhere. Life is like this. Taking steps.
This year I seem to be drawn to houses, schoolhouses and cottages. My journal begins with an imaginary Cornish seaside sign. Inspired by January 1st spent at St. Ives.

Today it is bright, sunny and 6 below zero. It is refreshing my creative spirit.
February tomorrow. Moving on and as the bulbs are emerging in the garden so can I. Out from my corm? Ready to meet the light.


  1. What a lovely and inspiring journal! Thank you for sharing it. : )

  2. Hi Clare.....did you notice I'd been visiting you today? Your blog is so lovely - full of variety and inspiration.
    What a great idea to do this journal; thanks for letting us get up close!
    Love that quilt too.....

  3. Seeing your journal is a pleasure and inspiration.

  4. ooh, your journal is so colorful. I admit mine is pretty ugly. especially now that I don't use it much anymore. That imaginary village would be an awesome quilt.

  5. Well done you...1 month gone and you're still filling your journal (I'm jealous!)
    Maybe I should get last year's out and just continue from where I stopped (Jan.) hope for me really!!!!!

  6. Found the first snowdrops today...spring is coming.

  7. Beautiful and unusual blocks - a Shaker/Amish feeling in it.

    And your journal is gorgeous, as always!

    Yes, houses are inspiring - looking forward to see more of that!

  8. January was a struggle (such poor light), so all the more amazing that you're keeping such a beautiful journal ~Fiona

  9. I seemed to have missed this posting first time around, and now spring is well and truly here. Love your journals!


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