Wednesday, 3 November 2010


A walk yesterday morning over Kinver Edge, Shropshire with my cousin who normally lives in Brussels and was here for a rare treat. The trees this year ablaze in Autumn glory.
An overwhelming desire to collect leaves. I have discovered that if I stick them into my journal and coat them and the rest of the page with acrylic wax they preserve well. The birds are busy feeding today as the winter edges in.
Stitching / quilting a tree. Still working on a summer one - I can't keep up!
A little snoozle in an afternoon patch of sunlight for a friend who always blends in well with pumpkins!


  1. Oh I love that journal spread with the trees - does it have stitching as well? And your hand-bound books and pages from your previous post are equally lovely. Thankyou for sharing all this juiciness. I think Autumn is the perfect time to be journaling again; a good time for reflection and looking forward.

  2. "winter edges in" - I LOVE your description! And the little feline face - OMG. Your blog filled me with a sense of peace this morning, thank you!

  3. Beautiful!

    And I just love those birds on the leaves in your journal ...!

  4. Love the autumn tree page, and great stitching.

  5. Beautiful!
    Trees always provide such wonderful inspiration.
    How can that kitty snooze so happily with all those hungry birds about?

  6. I collect leaves every time I take a walk right now, they are so beautiful. I'm pressing them for now.

  7. Lovely pages and I really like the way you are preserving the leaves, great idea.


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