Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sashiko Sun

A sun holding a ground base.
Labels don't matter in the end. I'm enjoying some freestyle embroidery - maybe an Olympic sport 2012? Now that's a good one. An olympic sport performed in a rocking chair by an Aga stove with a cat and some Mendelssohn! I can do that!
Jude style sun - funny we are in parallel at the moment.

Here the sun led me to Tate Modern to the Gaugin exhibition. 

I love his Tahitian paintings. Those ochres. 
Where Are You Going or Woman Holding a Fruit 1893 

THE shop to visit at this time of year for me is Liberty. The top floor has the fabulous Christmas decorations and the windows outside are drop dead gorgeous. The picture below looks like some clever Photoshop montage but is totally unadulterated. Where does the reality and the reflection meet? A good question to ponder in life...


  1. Lovely stitching and textures!

  2. What a great photo that last one is! Sometimes the label really doesn't matter.

  3. My first visit to your lovely blog. And yes(!) this is an Olympic sport that I would enjoy.

  4. lovely threads and lovely Liberties.

  5. Such lovely stitching and soft colors. I love Liberty. It must be lovely this time of year.

  6. I absolutely love the first photo here, it is SO pretty yet simple... it's very natural. I'm inspired!!!! :)


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