Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Remembering Calm

I am often (nearly always) trying to achieve too much. It can make me feel very racy and I know it's not good for me really, however I believe in trying to fill each unforgiving hour. I have been attempting to remember calm, the holiday feeling of lying on a beach in the sun or walking the cliffs admiring the view or the wildlife around. What here, at home makes me calm? Stitching and piecing by hand is forcing the stillness within. A time to clear thoughts or to think thoughts, whichever is needed. A time to sit, against all temptation. Above is a butterfly. This is what I am. Never settling for long enough to drink the nectar.

Picking produce from the patch. Today aubergines, tomatoes and a first cucumber. Smelling their warmth.

Smartie the Buddha cat, the embodiment of calm.
Flowers from the garden...

Remembering a peaceful beach in The Isles Of Scilly and regenerating the calm....

Some things can wait... choose wisely.


  1. yes regeneration requires some quiet time.

  2. Beautiful pictures and wise thoughts!

  3. Smartie's little face produced a lovely calm for me! And I'm not all that smitten with felines! Your post was important - I think that we all need to keep calm nearby. Thank you!

  4. Cleaning off my table so that I had space to work, I realized that for me it's leaving an open space, the physical element. That kitty face is just wonderful.

  5. mad woman from cornwallFri Aug 06, 03:54:00 pm BST

    Learning to just 'sit' takes practice.
    Learning to do nothing takes practice.
    But practice you must, so you can get better at it, and eventually you will be able to achieve huge inner peace and calm and just
    ' BE'.

  6. I have an oobos, which forces me to calm down, be patient, stacking the rocks on one another, one by one by one, until they are all stacked up carefully, balancing and staying in place. Lovely post.

  7. Oooh! Fluffy cat paw love! *smiles*


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