Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Seiko Kinoshita Shibori Dyeing and Weaving Day

These two images show an installation at Bilston Art Gallery by the artist Seiko Kinoshita. They are called "One Sunny Day" and "A Walk In The Rain". They are very large - one can walk through the rain in fact.
She specialises in weaving paper thread which she hand dyes.

Today she was doing a workshop there which I attended. We made a simple weaving loom and wove this lovely thread in zigzag fashion howsoever we wished. We could then embellish with copper wire, mesh, beads, wood etc.
I took the opportunity to use the three colours that I mentioned yesterday at the beach. Pale blue, orangey-yellow and red - the sea and the surf flags. I then incorporated some red beads to represent the life guards and a copper mesh wave.

We also worked on some shibori dyeing. Using folded cotton in origami fashion and clamping wood pieces, elastic bands and chopsticks to the fabric to act as resist.
A day unlocking some potential I think!
Link: Seiko Kinoshita


  1. What a fun class that must have been!

  2. Wonderful results! It looks like fun!

  3. wow, i am now looking at that shibori burst as a symbol of potential!

  4. I love seeing what you did in this class...the shibori is quite something!!

  5. How lovely, the Japanese are such incredibly clever craftsmen especially with textiles. I am sure you will have been very inspired by this.


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