Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Cat On The (Vintage) Mat

This is the most incredible summer for the gardener. The roses are in full, heady bloom and undamaged by rain. It has been dry and warm, since mid May and the berries in the allotment have been ripening beautifully - it's a bumper harvest.
Here is one of my roses lying on a vintage quilted cushion that I found in a second-hand shop in Ludlow last weekend. The shop was closing down so there were some bargains to be had as the owners were putting the remaining stock into their car!
Below is the edge of an antique linen bolster pillowcase from France. The whole cushion must have been about seven feet long!

 I was about to take a picture of this gorgeous linen cushion with it's pretty edge when Smartie got there first and spread-eagled himself all over it whilst making wild passionate cat-love to it's thick textured luxuriousness as it was laid out on the grass!

Funny how cats assess a good piece of fabric so well and claim it as their very own!


  1. Lovely photos expecially of Smartie. I see how he got his name, he is a smart cat! He's got good taste in linens.

  2. oh look at that beautiful beast. i love him....

  3. Wonderful photos! What a beautiful cat!

  4. Beautiful pictures of the vintage fabrics - and of the cat, of course! Well, those beasts really know how to enjoy the good things in life!

    Wonderful to hear about the garden and its promising harvest at the best - we haven't been quite that lucky through spring, but finally it's warm and dry, at least.

    Thank you for commenting on my 'surf wear', I liked that ;-)!

  5. Oh was a sweetie...that is one contented cat.

    Love the picture of his paw...adorable!

  6. One very smart cat indeed - I think they are all given an innate sense of their own beauty and where they will be seen to best advantage!

  7. Such beautiful finds and I love your rose, such a lovely shade of RED!



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