Thursday, 13 May 2010

Woops! There goes my purse.

No I haven't been mugged, but there is definitely no cash in my purse. An adventure to Malvern Quilt Show is to blame (my goodness over the years this blog could get repetitious).
End on this bundle doesn't really look that good but it's a beauty. Kim Porter's Washed and Worn fabrics were all the more popular this year so I felt I needed to grab something quick before it all went.

See? The colours are pale golds and vintagey creams. Some are cuddly flannelette. Hmmmm it will make a nice sofa backer for the living room and I'm sure will be very popular with the cat.

This gorgeous set of linens and reds with lots of little buttons and ric-rac was from Mandy Shaw. It's a kit for a Christmas stocking which was featured on Kirsty Allsop's "Home Made" series last year.

...but then, just as I was leaving, the creative side of me tapped my shoulder and said "eherm ... you seem to have missed Oliver Twist's stall" and then these wonderful wool felts leapt into my hand and my purse slid open and all the remaining money fell into their till. I think it was partly the lovely colours, a lot to do with the warm snuggly feel, but mostly because they smelled so nice. Honestly a blind person would have chosen them.


  1. Felt is so amazing. Worth every penny. But maybe I am biased :)

  2. Oh my!!!!! such lovely deliciousness. job well done.
    Good bye sweet purse!

  3. The washed and worn fabrics are so tempting!

  4. I can see the charm and would have bought them all too :o)

    Happy weekend

  5. You make me laugh....
    what a find though!!
    Hoping there's something wonderful happening when I'm in Surrey awaiting the arrival of my first month and the month after...

  6. Just as well I missed this because I too would have spent every penny. I hope it was warmer at Malvern than when we were there last weekend for the Spring Gardening Show, at which I bought a lace throw to cut up for quilting! And just a couple of plants.

  7. LOVE that wool! You did well!!
    ...and who among us really lives to regret such wonderful purchases?!?!

  8. I have to laugh at your shopping spree. We have a 3 day Sew Expo every year in the North West that draws thousands and thousands of fiber people. I used to get the worst case of plastic burn from shopping beyond my means. I had to stop going and pay down my credit card! It was fun while it lasted.

  9. thanks for visiting my blog; glad you enjoyed. I always think this is a nice way to meet kindred spirits - this virtual world of fiber and textile artists.

    loved reading your blog; signed in as a follower and know I will continue to find it interesting and colorful and inspiring.

  10. Those felted pieces are my favorite...wonderful collections!!

  11. oooooooo all of your purchases look so had to know resistance was futile!!!


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