Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Getting A Grip

So at last after many a moon struggling with Photoshop and not even being able to cope with "Photoshop For Dummies" (I have to admit to not even being bright enough to class myself as a dummy) I have now been able to start to get to grips with it. I have a new book. Another package from Amazon full of promise! "Digital Expressions" by Susan Tuttle.
At last I can do things I want rather than having happy (and sad) accidents with my photos!
This lovely parrot was in a cage in Stafford's Botanical Gardens. He was tying to look very menacing whilst eating a piece of maize.
The budgies below had a distracting background on my photo but I managed to "pop" the colour out of the background reasonably succesfully.

But now for my piece of resistance!

How exciting!! I am now in charge of Photoshop...and my life is complete.


  1. Boy do I need that book; I am a complete Photoshop FLOP!
    It controls me; I open the program, off goes the temper!


  2. Looking good! It does take some time. :)

  3. Oh to be in your shoes. Learning Photoshop is one of my top priorities for the summer.

  4. So glad you have cracked it. There'll be no stopping you now.

  5. Any guarantee that if I pop down the road to Stafford I will be able to get to grips with Photoshop too?! Well done!

  6. I think you are very smart indeed taking (and manipulating) such great photos! My kids and even Sara have shown me a bit how to work with Photoshop, but I'm absolutely untalented and keep forgetting from one time to another what to do ...

  7. mad woman from cornwallFri May 28, 08:01:00 pm BST

    think the Warhol style is a complete hit, its just fab ...
    time to experiment with all sorts of takes on that one.Just
    imagine where you'll go now you have all that new found knowledge .. watch out world !

  8. Great job. I've been trying to learn Photoshop for awhile now. Mydaughter tries to teach me, but if there is much time in between her visits, I will forget how to do it. LOL I just hve to stay on top of it I guess.

  9. Great results! Now you'll start having fun!


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