Saturday, 26 December 2009

The Red Star on Boxing Day

We have had some rare, clear, cold nights here and the stars have been shining their hearts out. I have been looking at a very red star in the sky which I have always presumed to be Mars. I have been wrong for the last 30 years! I have an application on my iPhone which means that when it is directed at the sky it tells me which star I am looking at and then links to Wikipedia with more information on it! I have discovered that this red giant is in fact Arcturus.
My supposed reality has been wrong for so long. It gets me thinking about the unreality of these stars we see now and how the light we see was sent to us thousands of years ago and how we can never see them as they really are now.
Truth evades us all the time. We must interpret. Therein lies so much danger...
My stitched red star Christmas card is my take on Arcturus.

On this night let some light be shone upon the poor as the true meaning of Boxing Day used to involve the emptying of the alms boxes in churches to give to the less well off.
St. Stephen's Day, as it ought to be called, is for many of us a continuation of the gluttony of Christmas Day and at the end there is such a lot of waste. Next year I am going to try to be less wasteful in all ways.
Resources, time and ideas are often wasted these days. I am thinking of my resolutions for 2010 ....


  1. Wow, ipod's are just so...!! well, I suppose it's the apps really!
    Yes, I agree about the waste but we seem to be getting there, due to having a picnic on Christmas Day. I love that tea light, what scent would that be? Resolutions?? use more of my stash!!

  2. Huh! I learn something new everyday! So that red star is Arcturas. Leave it to a tiny computer to teach you that. And also, I did not know what Boxing day was all about either, and now I do, thanks to your blog. Yes, I believe we are all stretching to bring back real meaning to our holidays and challenge the Capitalist urge to buy, buy, buy. Keep it up, Mother Earth will thank us for it.

  3. Love that star! What a different world it would be if we celebrated boxing day rather than it being another "shop till you drop" day here in the U.S. (I stayed home).

  4. I love your red star! And the bit of history on St. Stephen's/Boxing day. Hope you have a peaceful and creative new year!

  5. Lovely star and interesting info about Arcturus.
    My DH and I try to do the three R's as much as possible, even during the holidays. This year he made me a 55 spool thred holder from scrap lumber for my embroidery thread. I love it. I will be showing it on my blog soon. I made him boat seat covers from scrap vinyl. Fun!

  6. What a great app! Just think, without it, you may never have known.

  7. i know i sound a bit off but it isn't that important to know. it was still beautiful no?

  8. in reply to you Jude...I realise we don't need to know. Our own truth serves us is all that needs to be appreciated much of the time...but sometimes it's not good to get things so wrong...?

  9. I just stumbled on your blog, but this is a beautiful post.

  10. Wishing you and yours all the very best for the New Year, may it be an inspirational one!

    I also had the same misconceptions about the red star. Also, one of my New Years resolutions is to try to waste less, not that I am very good at keeping them mind you!

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