Wednesday, 18 November 2009

"Winter" Exhibition.

Today I have been to the hanging of an exhibition in which I have two pieces of work.
It opens on Saturday 21st November at Bilston Craft Gallery, West Midlands, UK. The name of the exhibition is "Winter" and it is held by members of the gallery's Textile Group which meet monthly to exchange ideas.
On Saturday there will also be a craft fair and mince pies and chocolate logs!!
The piece above is "Winter In North Wales", although some might think it could be any season there as it does catch the rain there rather (to put it politely). It is hand embroidered on embellished wools, yarns and fleece.

The other piece is called "Puddles and Slate" and is again inspired by a trip to Wales and the accompanying weather! (We have to take inspiration from everything, even when we are wet, blue and chilled to the bone!).

It promises to be a great exhibition and there will be gifts to buy too.

For example these bags below are made locally by Yuca Osumi and will be for sale - they are knitted in Arran wool with a variety of stitches and are so full of texture. They are immaculately made and unique I think.

On Monday I took a little Christmas shopping expedition out to Ludlow, Shropshire. I love this busy busy hardware shop. It is so full of cupboards, drawers, wooden boxes it is overwhelming. Each is labelled as to it's contents. You can still buy one nail or a screw here. The proprietor wears a brown overall and has probably done so since 1942. One wooden drawer was labelled "bits". I love that. I have lots of drawers in my house which should all have a label on the outside saying "bits"!

And here is another bit of "busy-ness". This little chap came back from the allotment with me this week on a bumper load of sweetcorn. He was having a fine old explore over all the hillocks.


  1. Nice work! Sounds like a fun exhibition. I have "bits" in some cupboards and closets as well as drawers.

  2. I love the first piece; must try something like that; thanks for the inspiration. And I think I know that hardware shop in Ludlow - a lovely town though rather a long way from here for a day trip.

  3. Lovely photos Clare...and I especially love the green and blue felted piece. You have truly inspired me!

  4. Love these pieces, especially Puddles and Slate......I reaching for my umbrella.
    What size are those knitted bags? They look amazing!

  5. Well done you. i wouldn't even know how to start getting pieces exhibited. I will try and get over for the exhibition. no promises as don't know Wolverhampton, but its not far :)

  6. Good luck with the exhibition, I love your Welsh piece
    Puddles and Slate. Who would have thought that a wet and dreary day would inspire such a beautiful textile.

  7. Love the top piece a lot and that hardware store looks like lots of fun.

  8. Love the second piece. I would love to try my hand at something like that. The top piece is very unique also and I love the colors in it. It was hard to choose a favorite.

  9. beautiful pieces.....both different bu each with its own "feel".


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