Monday, 27 July 2009

More lino cuts, a star and a bizarre hotel...

This lino cut design I have made from a photo of a rudbekia flower. It came out well on paper and then nicely on to some hand dyed calico.

I'm not sure I can bring myself to stitch on to the prints yet, but maybe I will run off more when I get up the courage!

Just recently Janet Bevan, who has been the leader of Wombourne Quilters, has stepped down to make way for new blood. We, as members, wanted to give her a gift and she has asked us all to make a star block in blues and greens so that she can make up a quilt. As you know I am definitely NOT a pattern follower so I have wrestled this weekend with these two:
The one on the left is pieced and I have decided that faffing about with cutting square which measure two and seven eighths of an inch is worse than trying to entertain two children at home on a wet Sunday. Combining the square cutting and being a lovely, interesting and kindly Mummy is definitely NOT ON. So when it became apparent that the points didn't match I did the one on the right with good old foundation
piecing (which is like wearing a safety harness and having a crash mat for me).

Last weekend my husband and I celebrated his birthday in The Cotswolds near Stratford-Upon-Avon and I booked a traditional looking hotel (or so I thought) near Chipping Campden. We had the last room available because the whole of the U.S.A. decants to that area of Britain in the summer. Quirky or what? The room was homage to Lyle's Golden Syrup. There was a very weird bed with a canopy that was built to resemble dripping syrup and this was echoed in the pelmet of the curtains. There were syrup pictures on the walls, a lampstand made of syrup tins and a recipe for sponge and syrup pudding on the bathroom door. We slept well because we were exhausted from all the laughing!!

Just think, some poor textile designer had to actually make this!!


We had a marvellous walk the next day around Hidcote Manor Gardens. The huge area is designed into small garden "rooms" each with a theme or colour. We enjoyed dodging the monsoon showers.

I think there may be fodder here with these lovely spiky plants for more lino cut designs


  1. THAT BED eeek! What a thing to base the design of a room on - v odd. Really like your new lino cut, but what is 'Foundation piecing'? Haven't come across that before.

  2. your prints came out great. i am taking this course too but i haven't done a thing yet.

  3. i always fall back on paper piecing if i want it to look right. the lino cut is wonderful - you are inspiring me (it will take me years to get around to following through). that bed! im surprised they didnt include the dead lion surrounded by flies (or is it a sleeping lion surrounded by bees - i can never decide). they didn't include free samples of golden syrup and plastic sheets on the bed for the honeymooners?
    ps the beetle i stitched is about the size of a long fingernail - i imagine - if i had long fingernails!)

  4. Your lino prints are fantastic! Might have to add that to my to do list next week.

  5. Loving the lino is the next thing I really REALLY want to try. Thank you for popping round my blog and the wonderful comments. Aren't those lino cuts doodles first???

  6. Tasteless...........awful!!
    Love the prints and the photos, I'm sure either star block will go down well.

  7. Love your latest lino does look like a coneflower. I'm drawn to spiky plants as well.


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