Monday, 22 June 2009

Summertime and The Livin' Is Easy

I had a little time today and it was humid so I didn't feel like hand stitching. Instead some machine applique as part of the ongoing "chickens" quilt. It's got an Autumnal feel to it with the reds, golds and greens. The nights are drawing in so why not!
There was a baby blackbird in the middle of the garden this morning being fed by both parents. I suspect it will not survive as it may have failed to fledge, but it's parents seemed determined to nourish the little mite.
Other birds are in abundance and we now have a visiting woodpecker as a daily guest on the sunflower seed feeder.
As homage to the lovely long evenings I strolled to the allotment tonight just to see what needs doing and picked this whopper of a strawberry. It certainly is one thing that the English climate does well. 
The taste is sheer heaven. It hasn't been chilled, packaged or messed with. No chemical has been near it. It doesn't need washing and it's food miles are nil. Perfection!

Another thing which is sheer heaven is my new computer. I have converted, seen the light and had an epiphany. Yes I have swapped to a Mac. A beautiful cool white laptop one. It even works in the summerhouse. I may never come out. Except in a minute I must go and get my "MacBook For Dummies" book to find out where the delete button is. Perhaps it is just such sheer perfection that I will never make another typo ever again.


  1. YUM! and I like the chicken quilt too. i suspect you don even know what humid is :). one of the downsides of 'no heating in winter' is horrible weather in summer.

  2. I picked one of those perfect strawberries today too. And my first handful of raspberries.

    The delete button for your mac should be in the upper right hand corner, at least that's where mine is. :)
    I love my mac!

  3. I like the simple but convincing way you made the flowers, and the bird... Looking forward to how you use your indigo, too... thanks for commenting on Gerdiary!

  4. Oh what to admire first? Your writing, your stitching, the strawberry, the summer house or your new Mac.
    sighs with envy at them all.


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