Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I wanted chicken but I got duck....

This year once again there have been ducks lurking in the garden from time to time (see last year's mallards links). I never knew there was a nest until Sunday when I parted some the same hostas as last year. There was Mrs. D hiding her eggs away again. After the cuffuffle last year we really haven't wanted this and have been chasing any of the birds who landed here away recently. I need to be clear here that we live in suburbia in a house with a walled garden so any unfledged ducks are trapped (i.e. until they are about 3 months old and ripping the place to shreds!). However here are the merry little band of ten after hatching this afternoon with proud Mum.

Another duck turned up on Sunday on the FRONT doorstep with nine babies who had walked down the steps into our coal bunker and of course couldn't get up again. I lifted them out, put them in a box and freed them in some bushes to follow their mother off to another garden. Did you know mother ducks fly at your eyes when their young are in danger. Good job I wear specs!

But really as you can see I only want chickens. Hmmm still sticking to the fabric ones.

The cat looks nice in it's antique pine frame. Perhaps I'll make some mallards next in honour of our "plague"...


  1. aaawwww, cute. who cares if they rip up the garden :) i saw photo once of a mother duck with ducklings walking across a grate in the road - only one duckling made it. i hope the person taking the photo rescued them - pecked eyes and all!

  2. Ducks and chickens can both be pretty destructive. But baby ducks are oh so cute!

    And yes, the cat does look very good framed.

  3. I'm glad I found your blog, beautiful work.


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